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Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's that busy time of year

Somehow the fall season always seems like a busy time of year for me with lots of chores to do before the impending snow falls. I guess the difference between fall and spring is that with summer approaching, there’s plenty of time to get everything done but in the fall everything has to be put away or covered up before the snow blankets everything. For whatever reason, I stay plenty busy this time of year.


I’ve got the camper winterized, moved behind the fence and covered. That didn’t all happen on the same day but I got it done. Sleek Black Beauty has been washed and tucked under its cover in the workshop for a winter waxing and nap. Most of the garden hoses have been drained and put away. The watering system for the BSU’s hanging vegetable garden has been disconnected and drained. The swamp cooler is drained and covered.


The secondary water is off from the city but I still have to blow the lines empty to prevent freeze damage. I need to buy a cover for Fish Slayer, remove the trolling motor and the batteries, figure out if there are water drains in the powerhead to remove and get it moved out from under the carport. I need to mow the back yard for the last time and get the hoses rolled up from back there. I need to refill the propane tanks that I removed from the camper so I can heat the shop. I need to buy the sealer for the fresh concrete in the driveway and get it rolled on to protect it from the city’s impending salt distribution on the streets.


All this and the weather guessers are forecasting snow as early as next week. It looks like my weekend is going to be plenty busy between the chores and some clothes shopping that needs doing before our trip to Ohio.

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